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aino minako (愛野 美奈子)
16 February 2030 @ 11:54 am

Do you need to contact me for plotting purposes or anything else? Feel free to leave a comment on this post and I'll come right back to you.

If you have any complaints or praises or anything else about the way I play Minako, please also leave a comment on this post. I'm pretty insecure about my RPing, so I would really appreciate it. ♥

In case you want to use a different method of contacting me than using this post: my AIM is Lunixhime, my plurk is queeningsquare and my email queeningsquare[at]gmail[dot]com.

Comments are screened, anonymous commenting is on and IP logging is off, so fire away.
aino minako (愛野 美奈子)
05 February 2029 @ 02:14 pm
So here's the story. Minako as Sailor V has a handy dandy compact that reflects the true form of things. Canonically it's often used to see the true forms of monsters disguised as humans, but it even works on Minako - it shows herself as her sailor senshi form rather than.. well, just herself.

Another example would be my character Ahiru showing up as a duck since that's what she really is.

So now the question is, is it okay for Minako to see your characters' true form (if they have one) if the situation ever comes up and if so, what exactly would the compact reflect for them? Just leave behind a comment on this post, thank you!
aino minako (愛野 美奈子)
21 October 2011 @ 04:33 pm
( filtered to the Guardian // semi-hackable since Minako is not a genius around technology)

Hey, hey, mister Guardian sir! [ Her tone is just as bright and enthusiastic as ever, even in the face of a question so daring and maybe even somewhat ridiculous in other people's eyes. ]

I have a question, if you have some time!
aino minako (愛野 美奈子)
19 October 2011 @ 02:09 pm
[ Well hi there, today Minako is utterly beaming a smile at the camera. ]

Hey, Demeleier! Do you know what day it is this Saturday? [ She just :))s at the camera for a moment.. as if everyone is supposed to know. But then she laughs. ] Of course, of course, it's October 22nd, but that's a very special day! To be exact, it's the birthday of the one and only goddess of love!

[ She flips her hair back a little, all ta-dah like. ]

Don't worry, I won't expect any real offerings or sacrifices.. For the goddess of love just an attendance to the best birthday party in Demeleier this year will be good enough! So everyone should make sure to get over to the inn this Saturday for some good partying, okay?

[ How can you refuse this smile. She seems to think of something then though, and her smile dims just the tiniest bit. ]

Ah, that reminds me though.. I'll need a little bit of help! Surely there's some good cook out there who's willing to help a poor girl in need, right?

And.. no, there's one thing that's still more important! [ Her expression turns determined in just a second. It's almost comical, really, like most things about her. ] I don't know who of the fae or anything like that organized it last time, but.. please, please, please give me a guy in a cake too! It's cruel and unfair if you only do it for one person, after all, and I've worked so hard! [ pout. ] Don't let a girl's one birthday wish be cruelly trampled upon!

... Yes, I think that's about it. Everyone make sure to come or the goddess of love will strike misfortune upon you, okay? [ A last wink before she turns off the feed. ]
aino minako (愛野 美奈子)
30 September 2011 @ 04:20 pm
[ This morning, once again, notes can be found all over Demeleier. You know what that means, folks, the love doctor is once again in action. If you go and look at one, you may find this: ]

ooc explanation + rules under the cut!Collapse )
aino minako (愛野 美奈子)
( WARNING: minor gore; nothing more than mentions of blood and corpses without description. )

she's no soldier, she's just a girl.Collapse )
aino minako (愛野 美奈子)
[ Once again, in the morning residents of Demeleier might wake up to a bunch of flyers being spread all over the village. If one reads it, they might find this: ]

( ooc: this works the same as last time! if your character wants to send a note to the 'love doctor', just leave a comment on this post as if it were a note they put in the mailbox, and I will reply back here to you and so we can go back and forth. )
aino minako (愛野 美奈子)
[ Good morning, Demeleier! When you wake up and go around the village for a moment, it's not hard to spot.. new additions to the village everywhere. And with new additions, I mean the fact that there are papers with the same text spread all throughout the village. Why yes, someone here can be digilent, just for the wrong reasons. If you bother to actually read the paper, you might find this on it: ]

cut for image!Collapse )

[ Below all of that there's another note scribbled on all of the papers: ]

Any comments, suggestions, opinions, disagreements or even new additions? Let Demeleier's one and true love doctor know by leaving them behind in the mailbox! I can assure you I'll get to them swiftly! And who knows, perhaps some day I might even publish a second part, ohoho! ♥

( ooc: Okay, so Minako is a huge stalker of the network with shipping goggles. So most of the couples on this list are more.. crack couples (because of the shipping goggles) and she probably missed some people who actually are couples, so don't be offended by anything on here, it's just Minako being completely wrong and a huge dork as usually. This thing is anonymous, obviously, although people who knows Minako might be able to recognize it's her since it's.. well.. fairly obvious if you know her..

To reply to this, just comment here with a note your character left in the mailbox, and they'll receive notes back through it as well and we can thread that way! ♥ )
aino minako (愛野 美奈子)
21 May 2011 @ 02:53 pm
[ When the feed starts there's first just part of the wall and ceiling of Minako's croft for a few moments, but then you might suddenly see a flash of blonde hair and before you know it Minako is prancing throughout the room as if she's giving a concert. You know, with hair brush in hand and all that.

In her dreams, she's the star. It's her. ]

Silent-- just keep silent and, well..
Sorry! She won't fall in love!
Set on it more actively!
Throw a kiss to a shy heart!

[ It doesn't quite seem like she's noticing the fact that the camera is accidentally on, although one can doubt whether she would really care about that fact either way. She's just giving a performance to her imaginary audience in the croft.

And if you listen for a while, you might start to realise that it doesn't sound half too bad (if peppy j-pop is your sort of thing, but her voice is okay) as long as you ignore the overly dramatic concert movements. ]

If a rainshower, given by the goddess of love
Might by chance happen to fall
Then to fall in love the timing is now!
Hug her shoulders
And the heart that is pounding will--

[ Her ~*marvelous*~ concert is interrupted at that point though, considering she trips and crashes to the ground, leaving the same empty view of the wall and ceiling from earlier. Then the camera times out. ]

( ooc: song reference! )